Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Urban Meyer Rule

I'm officially getting out ahead of this.

I would just like to remind America that no matter who loses the LSU-Alabama game this weekend, the loser is AUTOMATICALLY disqualified from consideration for the BCS National Championship game under the Urban Meyer Rule.

The Urban Meyer Rule came about in 2006 when Florida's then-coach Urban Meyer successfully campaigned for his Florida Gators to get into the BCS National Championship game by arguing that Michigan had already had their shot at Ohio State and thus should not get a second chance.  Nothing changes in 2011.  Not the fact that the loser of that game will come from the SEC.  Not the fact that the result could be closer than three points.  Not the fact that the game was played earlier in November than the final week.  Not the fact that it may be the home team that was the #2 instead of the #1 team.  Nothing changes.  If Michigan doesn't get a rematch, neither of these teams do.  It's black letter law.

Mr. Meyer set his precedent, the SEC must be held to the same standard by the BCS and the poll's voters that Michigan was held to in 2006.  Otherwise, the BCS is just a trave...oh, right.

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