Monday, November 14, 2011

Seal Block: Vote for the Worst! Vote for the Best!

So we are all finished ranking the official seals of the school in the so-called Football Bowl Subdivision. You can browse the whole series of posts here.

To finish off the series, we want input as to the best and worst university seals there are. For the best, the Top 32 are available in one image: (click to enlarge)
We're going to whittle that down to a Top 25, so post your Top 25 vote in the comments, or tweet it to me @schnoxl.

But before doing the best, we're going to vote for the worst. For the worst, you can nominate any post-secondary institution you want from anywhere in the world. The categories you can nominate schools in are:
  • Worst Concept
  • Worst Font
  • Most Outdated Design
  • Most Needlessly Busy
  • Most Boring
  • Creepiest
  • Worst Use of an Ancient Language
  • Most Incongruous Symbol
  • Most Unintentionally Hilarious
I will evaluate your nominations based on the strength of your case, so if you really feel a school deserves to win a particular category, write up your case and make it funny.

The worst overall seal will not be a contested category, as we already know which college will be the clear winner in that category, and that college are clearly happy with that outcome.

We'll reveal the worsts next week and the bests the week after that, so submit your nominations asap!

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