Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Loser Smith: 2002-2006

I was sitting down to start writing a preview of Michigan vs. Ball State when I learned that John L. Smith would not be returning to coach at Michigan State in 2007. He'll get to retain his job through the end of the season, he'll get the remaining $1.6M/yr left on his contract (I think he has a couple of seasons left on it), and if they make it to a bowl game (ha!), he'll get to coach them there. But the search for his replacement has officially started.

I haven't been this disappointed by a rival coach getting the boot since the halcyon days of John Cooper at Ohio State. Back then, I was in the MMB. Someone on campus printed up a bunch of shirts to celebrate International John Cooper Day – 2/10/1, to celebrate his record against U of M. International John L. Smith Day isn't going to be quite as easy. Smith's record against Big Blue is 0-4. Maybe he should just get all of April.

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