Friday, November 17, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Thanks to all the nice people who've been linking to us this week, including MGoBlog, The M Zone, and Deadspin. You guys rock.

Nerds Unite!

Tipster Dave sends us this item, verbatim:

"Even Caltech, known for its mockeries of college athletics, has big game fever. Signs all over campus say the following:

#1 The Ohio State Univeristy Buckeyes (sic) vs. #2 University of Michigan Wolverines

Come see the game that ESPN has called the best rivalry in all of college sports.

North Catalina Reading Room
Kickoff is at 12:30 pm

Since it's Caltech, the misspelling of Univeristy may be a subtle mockery of the academic standards of Ohio State. Or maybe science nerds can't speelcheck."

Big Ten Broadcasters Are a Little Dim

The Chicago Sun Times surveyed 11 Big Ten broadcasters about their favorite cities, traditions, coaches, etc. Two of the questions related to the Big Ten's bands. First, the broadcasters' favorite tradition was dotting the "i" in Script Ohio. One commentator answered thusly:
No one leaves at halftime, and when the 'i' is dotted, it becomes emotional for most of the 100,000-plus. Even if you're not a Buckeye, you can't help but admire and respect the tradition.

I can get behind that sentiment. Script Ohio is as fine a band tradition as you'll find, and one of the few truly unique ones. Except, Mr. Big Ten Broadcaster, it happens in PRE-GAME. You know, before they kick the football-thingy?

In the direct question about which Big Ten band was their favorite, Wisconsin and Ohio State tied for top honors, with Michigan among those also receiving votes. I don't have a problem with OSU's band tied for the top spot in the Big Ten; I have a problem with Wisconsin being the other half of the pair. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: They're overrated. Wisconsin's band is all show with a marginal sound at best, but I guess the tin-eared broadcasters don't notice that. I mean, it's a pretty good show, but there's not a lot of musicianship behind it.

Hoover Street Rag Stat of the Day

When Michigan scores more than 21 points on Ohio State, we're 25-0.

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Anonymous said...

Wisconsin's band wipes the floor with Michigan's band.