Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Echoing Conflict

From my personal blog from September 14, 2006:
I know what I am about to say is almost heresy for a Michigan fan, but here goes: I hate Notre Dame more than I do Ohio State. Don't get me wrong, I hate Ohio State, but I also pity them, because Buckeyes tend to make the news wires for some of the dumbest crimes possible (not that Michigan is saintly in this regard, but Maurice Clarett alone, I mean, come on...) But Notre Dame, there's so much to hate, and I think it simply comes down to this: No school is more arrogant than Notre Dame, not even Michigan. Michigan fans live with (and on some level, thrive on) the knowledge that most people non-maize and blue faithful in the state of Michigan hate them because Michigan folk are considered to be arrogant and that we look down our collective noses at the "hoi polloi." There's even a Facebook group called "I Go to Michigan and am therefore better than you."

But Notre Dame has that holier than thou attitude, that top to bottom belief that they are the Chosen Team, that they are doing the Lord's work on the gridiron and how dare anyone question that! You couple that with the fact that in many years, Michigan season has been over in September because they couldn't beat the Irish and well, you start getting the South Bend-haterade in the big industrial sized bottles.

So, let the boys go before Touchdown Jesus and pay the only appropriate respects that Division I's winningest college football program could pay, showing the Irish who's boss. After all, they'd be more than happy to do the same for Michigan, and one good turn deserves another.

(Note, in the comments of said entry, one of the friends of HSR pointed out the following: "Notre Dame only out-arrogants Michigan for five months a year. Outside of football season, it's all Maize 'n' You." We're still not sure he's right, I mean, he did work for MSU.)

So now it's come to this: I am forced by circumstances to Cheer Cheer for Old Notre Dame this weekend. And it's kind of making me sick. I have spent an entire lifetime hating them, and now, I have to hope that they win by a small to medium margin in the L.A. Coliseum in order for Michigan to still have maybe a potential possible shot at playing in the National Championship game? This is going to be tough to swallow. And yet, "what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly, 'tis dearness that gives all things value."

Game on...and Go Irish (this week only!)

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