Monday, November 20, 2006

Well, It Wasn't Quite 2002

There are no riots in Columbus!

Despite the insistence of OSU president Karen Holbrook, not all was calm and peaceful in Columbus on Saturday night. Some 40 fires were set and 38 arrested, the Detroit News reports. The Akron Beacon-Journal runs a headline of "Buckeye Fans On Good Behavior" despite it. The Columbus Dispatch ignores the fires entirely. We here have come up with a handy way to compare three Big Ten universities' proclivities toward rioting with just a little of the old JavaScript.

*For our purposes, a riot is any large public disturbance that results in the destruction of property.

The last Ann Arbor riot was following the 1989 NCAA basketball tournament victory, which resulted in broken windows and tear gas on South University. The last MSU riot was following their Final Four loss in 2005. The last Columbus riot was Saturday night. Car flipped == riot.


Brian said... Madison's Haloween parties count, although tear gas was not required this year?

Anonymous said...

More recent riots that I can recall in Ann Arbor:

South U. riots after UM lost the NCAA basketball final in 1993 (after Chris Webber called the infamous 4th time out).

Riot at City Hall in 1998 when the KKK demonstrated: