Tuesday, November 07, 2006

They're really more like guidelines...

So, it occurred to me that if we're actually a "real blog" now (what with the mention by mgoblog and all), we should probably have some basic ground rules as to what we intend to do here. We're not saying that we're beholden to all of this, as much as we're trying to follow some guiding principles. This list is not final and it is not set in stone. We're just saying, maybe there are some things you should know. But, what better day than Election Day to state that which we stand for?

Rule 1: There is to be no discussion of recruiting.
This one largely came from me, but GZ, our founder, concurred heartily with me on this. We don't have anything against people who obsessively follow the recruiting hot stove, but in our opinion, there's something a little off about an almost obsessive desire to breakdown the athletic prowess of a high school senior. Besides, there are several other sites that do this much better than we ever could. When a player becomes a Michigan player, we'll talk about him then. This, by the way, may be the one bedrock principle we DO have.

Point 2: We have no insider knowledge, nor will we claim to have any.
We watch the game, we watch highlights, analysis, read the papers, other blogs, and the like. Think of this as variations on a theme, more than original composition. We're not message board hawks, and it's not like we actually know people.

Point 3: We will be too smart for our own good sometimes and too snarky for our own good at others.
If you've read this far, you should know that by now. Think of it as part of that "Michigan arrogance" you hear so much about.

Point 4: This is not life or death.
We love Michigan football (and the band), we'll spend a lot of time thinking about it and discussing it, but if we don't update every day, or every other day, well, we're sorry. We'll do what we can when we can.

Point 5: There is a "we" in this blog, but there is also an I or two.
If we make reference to we, it's something that we know that we agree upon. If it's "I", check the entry, the other side may not necessarily disagree, we just don't know for sure.

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