Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drew Stanton Hammers Mute

In Drew Stanton's OMG LOL interview with the Free Press, he is asked what he most dislikes about Michigan:
"Probably the thing I hate most about them is that damn fight song. I'm so sick of hearing that fight song. Every time that fight song comes on, I'll mute my TV. It's one of those things that's just annoying. I can't stand it."
As MAtW points out, he's sick of hearing it so much due to Michigan scoring 186 points on the Spartans in the last 5 years. Let us break it down and figure out how much Drew actually heard the fight song after a score. Every touchdown and field goal is accompanied by a Victors trio:
  • 2002: 7 times (49 pts on 7TD)
  • 2003: 4 times (27 pts on 4TD)
  • 2004: 9 times (45 pts on 5TD + 3FG + 2pt)
  • 2005: 6 times (34 pts on 4TD + 2FG)
  • 2006: 5 times (31 pts on 4TD + 1FG
That makes 31 times Michigan scored a touchdown or field goal during his tenure. And actually, the band plays the Victors trio twice after a score (once during the PAT), so double the count for every touchdown. That accounts for 55 Victors trios off scoring alone.

Additionally, since it haunts his dreams, he probably heard it during the band's scheduled performances too. That's 6 times per home game:

  • In the parking lot during the march over
  • Twice during pregame
  • Twice while the team comes out of the tunnel
  • While marching off the field at halftime.
  • At the conclusion of every game
This adds up to 29. Counting postgame shows adds 6 more iterations.

During Drew Stanton's tremendous 0-5 career against the University of Puke, he heard The Victors a bare minimum of 90 times. This bare-minimum estimate does not count playing it after recovering a fumble, nor playing the slightly-extended version to rally the team (which wasn't often necessary), nor "alternative" versions of The Victors like Calyptors, the Hoover Street Rag, or the Victors Waltz. An extremely conservative estimate of three additional performances per game puts that number well into the triple digits.

I made a video in honor of his 2005 failed victory guarantee; Drew Stanton has clearly been a ripe source of material for many years.


Bagz said...

strong work on the video, jeremy. Andrew W.K. was a nice pick. I think your finest work, though, was the video of the MMB stuck in the horseshoe after the loss to tOSU. The film was tragic, but I liked your selection of "Young Man Blues" from the Who's Live at Leeds album as the score.

Also, any chance we'll be seeing any more posts on the band this week? I've only seen them once this year, so it'd be nice to read up on whats new with them.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Iden.

I don't think the OSU video ( is tragic, beyond, of course, the inherent tragedy in losing to OSU. Showing the fans and their "no more Rose Bowl" taunting provides the framework and setup that demonstrates how poorly OSU fans understand college football and Big Ten tiebreaker rules. And how their default allegiance (just against the other team, not for the Bucks) comes back to be completely f'ing wrong. Since my mood was pure, seething rage at that point, the video's a little crass, but losing to OSU will do that to you.

I'd like to write about the band more too. I was away on a business trip and unable to attend the Minnesota game, but I'll get to see that same show this weekend since I have MSU tickets (Geoff too).

Bagz said...

indeed. tragic. Maybe the most tragic part was watching Brutus stomp on a carnation to indicate that our rose bowl dreams were over. I overheard someone say "fine, I didn't want to go to the Carnation Bowl anyway." agreed.

What show is the band taking to MSU? Any word on what they are playing for OSU?

And why is the cake a lie? Your post somehow made it to MGolicious. I was in the band, and even I dont get it.

Tim said...

Something tells me Stanton didn't likely hear the song for pregame shows, halftimes, or postgame shows.