Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Super Heroism

So, to set this up, it's Homecoming spirit week at the high school where I work and Tuesday was "Super Hero Day" where you either took up the guise of a real super hero or made one up for yourself. So when one of my colleagues told me she was coming as the Spartan Avenger and wanted to know if I would partner up with her as a Michigan super hero, so I jumped at the chance. Here now, the profile of "Michigan Man" (note: Wolverine was already taken.) Michigan Man Alias: Victor Valiant Super Powers: Breaking tackles, leadership, a sense of history, conquering the West... Known Weaknesses: Spread offenses, mobile quarterbacks, Division I-AA Opponents...[ugh.....] Arch-Nemesis:The Sweatervest Other Known Enemies: Captain Comeback, The Genius of South Bend, The Humanitarian That's all I really had. Dumb, but I hope you chuckled.


susieandrew said...

this post is worthless without pictures ;)

noelenergy said...

Seconded. Post a picture ASAP or I'll get the entire League of Justice on your ass.