Monday, October 15, 2007

MMB Pregame on "TV"

For all the ridicule that we give to the Big Ten Network's production values, commentators, and availability, they managed to do something no other network has done before: Show the Michigan Marching Band's pregame. It's rare to see a pregame video from the angles they show, and certainly not broadcast to a television audience (at a home game at least). This is probably only happening because they haven't sold enough commercial time to fill the gaps, but meanwhile, I applaud their coverage.

Unfortunately, the national DirecTV attention came at a bad moment. About that: A miscommunication caused the block M fold-out to begin early in some portions of the M. Less than two seconds later, they recovered in time to begin the M Fanfare right on cue and continue pregame without missing a beat. Cody erased all doubts that it phased the band as he caught his goalpost toss and the backbend was the best it's ever been.

Kudos to the BTN for showcasing an excellent pregame Enjoy the close-ups of bandsmen breathing heavily in the middle of what is essentially a seven-minute sprint in a wool uniform! Enjoy the field microphones' horribly unbalanced audio! And stare with amazement as they actually continue to play their instruments during the lock-step!

I edited the beginning out, because I can. The full version is available at mgovideo. Meanwhile, thanks, BTN!


Craig Barker said...

You know, I've see it every week (OK, at least this season), and every time Carl Grapentine says "All the Maize and Blue faithful join in a rousing chorus of 'The Victors!'", I get chills. Still. Even in a video.

Al McCord said...

I've never seen the fold-out fail before ... wonder what happened?

Aram said...

No one has seen it since it happened- the MMB staff wouldn't show the pregames of either band at the EMU reception, and now the foldout has been edited out of the YouTube video...

It was a combination of factors- early cueing from the ladder, drumline jumping the gun, and half the band getting fooled by one or both. Great recovery, though.

HenRob said...

The full Pregame from that date is viewable at

Anonymous said...

It looks like the drumline couldn't get the word out that they needed a few more entries. The basses begin a halt sequence so some people start folding out. But the snares keep going and starting a new entry.

This is not there fault.... there are 4 beats between the beginning of the halt section and when people actually move. Some sections were able to hear the new set of entries and go with it. I think the two diags and the front right part did the "right" thing by not moving until the entire drum line was halting.

What I don't understand is how some people thought the right thing to do was head back to entry lines. And they ended up being the last ones to their spots. Were they not taught to make mistakes confidently?