Friday, August 31, 2007

Game Day Mix 2007

Yes, you were all hanging on, waiting to know what became of that mix that I promised. Here it is. If you really want a copy of it, leave an email for hooverstreet(at)[university of michigan domain]; we can probably arrange something.

Just missing the cut:

I'm most disappointed that Dan Hawkins was left out, but the disc clocks in at 1:19:01 and there wasn't enough time. The Colorado head coach's rant was just priceless. "Gold Lion" would've been included for Penn State and "Cut Your Hair" would've been for Illinois's J Leman (thanks, Colin, for that suggestion). "Connection" would've been for Justine Frischmann.

Game Day Mix 2007

  1. Bo Schembechler – The Team, The Team, The Team
    I could stop the CD right here and I'd be fired up for the next six hours.

  2. Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
    Can any title better capture the inherent pessimism of the Michigan fan? Sky-high expectations every year that are almost impossible to meet, except for that one glorious season.

  3. Dinosaur Jr. – Almost Ready

  4. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing at My House

  5. The Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running

  6. R.E.M. – Cuyahoga
    Things in Ohio (rivers, couches, cars) have an unfortunate tendency to burst into flames.

  7. Modest Mouse – Never Ending Math Equation
    86 = 1 may seem like simple, if confusing, statement; however, the proof is very long.

  8. AC/DC – Thunderstruck
    I almost always end up in my seat just in time for "Thunderstruck" to come over the PA (HT: Bryan)

  9. The Hives – Main Offender
    Perfect offseason forever.

  10. Heart – Magic Man
    I think we can all agree that Hart is a magic man, making 5 yards out of nothing like he does.

  11. Neil Young – Rockin' in the Free World
    Appalachian State's punter is Neil Young, so this is an obvious choice.

  12. Fiona Apple – Shadowboxer
    Has anyone else heard that Tom Zbikowski sometimes engages in the sweet science? I don't know that it's been mentioned anywhere in the press or on TV.

  13. The New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show
    Welcome to Ann Arbor. There may be a few liberals here.

  14. The Futureheads – Hounds of Love

  15. The Clash – I Fought the Law
    Legal troubles were spread far and wide around the Big Ten this year. Illinois, Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota...just about everyone showed up in the Fulmer Cup. What a disaster.

  16. Saturday Looks Good to Me – Parking Lot Blues
    They're from Ann Arbor, the name reflects my mood, and the song title describes where I'll spend half my Saturday. They go in.

  17. The White Stripes – Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine
    Well, someone from Detroit needs to be in here.

  18. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
    This describes what CJ Bacher will see after Shaun Crable levels him for the third time on September 29.

  19. TV On The Radio – New Health Rock

  20. Sleater-Kinney – Entertain

  21. Michigan Marching Band – G.Y.B.

(Note: A full six titles here are complete, grammatically-correct sentences)


Lush said...

Fuckinaye guys, I'm miserable. This has been the worst day of my young life.

But the New Pornographers are helping me hold onto my tiny shred of sanity. In a related note, where the FUCK were all the old showstoppers?

Anonymous said...

That was actually Colin. I was signed in under my gf's account.