Saturday, August 25, 2007

The team, the team, the team...

It is the belief of the Hoover Street Rag that one of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to bring like-minded people together. While we have made it our duty to inform, in our own way, our readers of the various goings-on related to Michigan athletics and the Michigan Marching Band, we have decided that we would like to undertake a serious cause for the 2007 football season.

In his passing last November, Michigan fans mourned deeply the legacy of Bo Schembechler. His strength, determination, passion for the game, and belief in personal integrity stand as a testament to that which a "Michigan man" prides himself on being. While other coaches may have won more games, more national championships, or more accolades, Bo claims a special place in our hearts as Michigan fans and remains a part of our collective DNA.

This is why we are proposing the creation of a statue of Coach Schembechler to be placed in front of Schembechler Hall. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant, not too much larger than life. Quite simply something that captures the essence of Bo in his glory: The Block M cap, the blue windbreaker, the tennis shoes, capturing the essence of Bo, stalking the sidelines and exhorting his team toward victory. On the base, a simple dedication:

Glenn E. "Bo" Schembechler


University of Michigan head football coach 1969-1989

"The team, the team, the team."

We're flexible on a lot of things with regard to the statue, but the base including the quote "The team, the team, the team." is the one major sticking point for us. We know some would like "Those who stay will be champions." but that already has its place in Michigan's legacy and its grounds as players head out to practice. But "The team, the team, the team!" captures the core of what should be valued about being a Michigan man. We also believe that the statue should stand in front of Schembechler Hall, as opposed to the grounds of Michigan Stadium. Having it on State Street would make it more accessible to the public and would allow it to better serve as a rallying point and good luck charm for fans.

Now, the primary problem with this is, we've never done anything like this before. We've never raised funds, we've never met with University officials, we've never rallied public support to a cause before. But we're very willing to learn, and we're always looking for help. So, if you think this is a good idea, let us know, link to this article, let your friends know, and hopefully, we can build momentum for something we'd really like to see happen.

We thank you for your time, and remember, wherever you go, Go Blue.

Geoff Zmyslowski

Craig Barker

Jeremy Bronson


Andrew said...
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Jeremy said...

Source audio for the unaware.

Tim said...

I'd prefer to see it outside one of the concourses to get into the stadium (alumni plaza, wolverine plaza, etc.), where it would be convenient to fans on game day, as well as still being as accessible as it would be on State Street.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, but I think it needs to be in the stadium lest we look like the tools in East Lansing guarding a statue all week.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have his quote read "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions"

Aram said...

I am very, very in favor of this. But it must go in the stadium concourse, perhaps on the corner next to that giant block M (i think it's the north endzone side of the stadium). Right behind that gate so that you see the Michigan Stadium arching gate and Bo standing behind it.

Sunglasses and M hat are an absolute must, the windbreaker, all of that. His mouth also must be slightly cracked open with that Bo-chewing-gum face. Arms crossed. Headset optional.

Fantastic idea.