Friday, August 03, 2007

MMB 2007 Shows

2007 Halftime Shows:

M vs. Appalachian State: "Vegas!" Show
M vs. Oregon: "Beach Boys" Show
M vs. Notre Dame: "Guitar Hero" Show
M vs. Penn State: "Bobby Darin" Show
M vs. Eastern Michigan: "Detroit Rock City" Show
M vs. Purdue (Homecoming): "Glenn Miller" Show (plus 50th Anniversary of Jerry Bilik's "Hawaiian War Chant")
M vs. Minnesota: "Modern Broadway" Show
M @ Michigan State: "Modern Broadway" repeated
M vs. Ohio State: "Cirque du Soleil" Show

So we get to hear music from the 1960s, 1960s, probably 1980s (since Nix is arranging it), 1960s, 1960s/70s, 1950s, then Wicked and Cirque du Soleil. Initial reaction: Huh? Plus obvious disappointment that Boerma didn't arrange HOT! HOT! HOT!.

Not much variety there, but there is some potential for great things. Obviously the Guitar Hero show is the student-pleaser, continuing a tradition of catering straight to the students at least once a year (see 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean skull & crossbones set, 2004 Cartoon show w/Mario, 2005 Bohemian Rhapsody and Monty Python, 2006 Patrick Stewart appearance). The Guitar Hero show could be fantastic depending on how many visual gags are incorporated into the drill.

Hopefully they'll play "The Internet is for Porn" from Avenue Q in the Modern Broadway show as well.


Q1Go said...

Well, "The Internet is for Porn" is at least written by a Michigan alum.

Becky said...

And, the crowd will only be MORE pleased if Mr. Zumaya shows up for that Guitar Hero show.

Craig Barker said...

Becky, you know I am loathe to disagree with you, but I am really hoping that Zoom Zoom will be with the team in Minnesota that day. Really hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Scott will arrange a tune from "Avenue Q" about the same time he'll do "It's Rough Out There for a Pimp".=-)

I wonder why he's not doing more of the arrangements for this season--but I suppose it's because a lot of this season was already set by the time he was hired, would that be correct?

Anonymous said...

I think that you'll be pleased by the quality of Scott Boerma's work. I simply don't think he knows how to fail.