Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marlin Wears a Different Ring These Days

I've often wondered why college basketball statheads haven't adopted KRACH. It seems ideal for the sport: Lots of data points, and it's harder to manipulate than RPI by beating up on weak competition. There's a site out there that performs the analysis, but their latest edition is a month old.

The Ann Arbor News also has a few interesting items up today:

First, Marlin Jackson was in court to testify in the dueling lawsuits surrounding a 2003 fight.

[Shahin] Farokhrany, 33, sued Jackson for $10 million, alleging the injuries he suffered in the June 1, 2003, altercation required long-term medical care and limited his ability to work.

Jackson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge, but he claims that was just an expedient so he could keep playing; if he had a possible felony hanging over his head he would've been suspended. Now the money quote:

Behan also said when Jackson punched Farokhrany with his Outback Bowl championship ring, it exacerbated a degenerative condition in Farokhrany's right eye that required a cornea transplant in 1994.

Designated hockey guy Kevin Ryan has some fluffy fluff on David Wohlberg's season and how he's far outpaced expectations for a guy who was demoted to the U-17 team last year.

Ryan also has a piece up on the impending OSU series that's OK, but shows the limitations of the newspaper format, only giving the broadest description of what's at stake. It could really use those two or three paragraphs that were probably cut to get it down to size.

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