Friday, February 06, 2009

We're Over Here!

Geoff, Jeremy, and I are excited to be a part of Brian Cook's squad of minions who are filling in for him during his vacation. Since we seem to have developed a niche with our hockey liveblogs, we'll (including Tim from The Blog That Yost Built) be doing on tonight, covering the game at MGoBlog from the stream on (confusing, I know.)

You may ask yourself "Why tonight's game? Tomorrow night's game is on Comcast 900?!? Tonight's is just streaming, what are you trying to do to us?"

Well, we have a couple of reasons:

1). Tomorrow's game overlaps with the Michigan basketball game at UConn and we didn't know how many people would be trying to follow that.

2). Tomorrow night I'll be at the Michigan hockey game, meaning I would need to miss out on the liveblogging fun.

So please, join us in the fun. We promise to do what we can!


pz said...

Can you do some sort of twitter / live blogging from the game tomorrow night for those of us outside of the Comcast 900 region?

I usually try to listen to games on radio if there's no video feed, but its a bit counterproductive sometimes...

Does anyone know of another internet video feed for tomorrow night's game?

Geoff said...

Phillip - I might be able to arrange just such a thing. There's a decent chance I'll be around to live-blog Saturday's game too, as my weekend plans have recently changed. I'll know more later.