Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kampfer Link Roundup

Michigan 5, FYS 3 - Yost Built game recap and response to the attack

Michigan completes Spartan Sweep, Kampfer injured (YouTube) - MVictors with the first video (better video)
MVictors stills and breakdown recap

What We Learned: Don't Trust the Spartans, Passerby - The Two Line Pass

"The most interesting hockey event of the weekend didn’t happen in the NHL, the AHL or even Major Juniors. Instead, that event is the gutless, appalling attack (there’s no other word for it) by Michigan State’s Andrew Conboy and Corey Tropp on Michigan’s Steve Kampfer late in the dying moments of Saturday night’s game, in which the Wolverines were beating the absolute piss out of the Spartans for two straight games."

Animals - MGoBlog

"Kampfer's mother went down to the State bench and started screaming. An usher came up to restrain her, and she cried out "that's my son." Another relative was looking around incredulously, crying, panicking, her hands waving in the air pointlessly. It's the kind of random motion you make when something has to be done and you're totally helpless."

Thank God - Yost Built on Kampfer OK

Brian posts that Kampfer will be fine

Bruce Ciskie at the FanHouse
"If Conboy and Tropp aren't suspended for the remainder of the season, justice hasn't been served. The Michigan State hockey team and the university in general should be embarrassed by that behavior, and they shouldn't tolerate the perpetrators putting on the MSU jersey again this season."
Western College Hockey:

"A few weeks ago, Rick Comley was whining about how unfair it is that officials kept calling penalties on Andrew Conboy. But the name 'Conboy' and 'self control' have never exactly gone together. I think a disgusting incident like this says a lot about Conboy as a player and as a person. I'm sure Corey Tropp feels really tough too taking a two-handed slash to a player laying motionless on the ice."


"And if you needed another strange twist to this sad story, Rick Comley's postgame interview was a lecture on class, because during the postgame handshake, some Michigan players gasp.....swore at him. Thankfully, Comley is not a 19th century woman prone to fainting spells, so he didn't end up in the hospital like Kampfer because of it."

Paula Weston's sidebar does not reference "F*** you, State", as Yost Built predicted, but does give the students a good tut-tutting for calling BS when a goal was waved off after review. Nobody in the building had any idea why that State shot needed a review; clearly not a goal. Or why the Rust goal would have been reviewed: Obviously a goal.

MLive and the Daily basically confirm that it was Kampfer's dad in the locker room. MLive doesn't mention their earlier assertion that he was there to confront Comley, but this time they agree that he was there for an "unnamed player". The Daily follows up that DPS specified the player was the one who had been ejected, which would mean Tropp. They also have a source claiming Mr. Kampfer admits he grabbed Tropp by the jersey. I'm no lawyer, but this may technically amount to assault. If Kampfer Sr. gets charged and Tropp skates free, that is an appalling joke.

Nicole Auerbach may be overly cynical in thinking the State players went after the head and neck because it's Kampfer. I think they were just going after a vulnerable place on any player.

Brian wants the banhammer.

MVictors: Mel Pearson was on WTKA with Andy Evans and said very little of consequence with regard to the incident, which is consistent with Red's remarks last night, but Mitera is ahead of the curve on his comeback.

Brian after the news comes out that Conboy and Tropp were suspended for the remainder of the season. And a little more on the subject.

Conboy and Tropp Suspended for the Season - Yost Built is more accepting of the punishment meted out.

It’s all our fault! It’s all our fault! - with a takedown of the Spartans' official recap and that State News guy with the DMB necklace.

Puck Daddy:

"It was an unconscionable attack in its brutality; the kind of snap aggression that got Chris Simon blackballed from the NHL; the sort of reckless disregard for both hockey code and human life that put Todd Bertuzzi on a years-long image rehab tour. We've seen gang beat-downs with more social etiquette than this."

I agree with the Maize n Brew stance on whether the law should get involved here, especially since Kampfer escaped serious injury.

Kampfer gives an interview to The Game/the Daily.

"It makes me sick to think that somebody could do that. It’s unnecessary. A shot to the neck that could obviously - I can’t speak for them and say that there was intent. But it’s uncalled for. I understand it’s a heated rivalry, and even more so now. It’s something that we’re not going to forget. The coaches have already told us that. And obviously I’ll remember that the next time we play them."

MGoBlog gets the news that the suspensions have been upgraded to dismissals.

Yost Built on the dismissal.

MLive puts on the journalist hat and talks to Red.

MVictors has the audio of appearances by Summers and Red