Thursday, January 15, 2009

Impending Hockey

What's that you hear? Is it an impending HSR liveblog of the Michigan-Bowling Green hockey game on Friday night? Why, yes it is! Our first experiment with Cover It Live went well, so we'll be firing it up again tomorrow night. The game will be streaming live on, so you can be anywhere around the world and still participate. If you like your hockey heavily pixelated but your Sega Genesis died in '98, this is the place for you.

Michigan Hockey Net has put up the results of the CCHA Captains' Poll, which is pretty self-explanatory (The CCHA polls its captains. Ta da). Wolverines figured in quite a few categories, no surprise, but Aaron Palushaj is apparently the league's best shootout shooter, which would seem reasonable if he'd ever participated in a shotout while a Wolverine. But hey, good to know we've got that in our lineup.

Actually, it raises the question of which three Wolverines you want out there on any given night. You'd be justified in just taking the top line of Palushaj-Caporusso-Wohlberg, but that leaves Carl Hagelin on the bench, the source of many a gorgeous goal. And what about Chris Summers? He's got a nice shot and has looked good on his breakaway opportunities this year. Rust was the king of those last season, but I haven't seen him get many opportunities. Brandon Naurato, in that same Captains' Poll, was a runner-up in the Best Wrist Shot category, so you'd want to see what he can do.

Anyway, it's a good problem to have when you have Michigan's offensive depth, but I'd still rather see us simply win all our games in regulation and keep it a hypothetical.

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