Friday, September 05, 2008

The Vault: 1976 Orange Bowl

MVictors, in defiance of this week's Boy Bands show, has found a YouTube video of the 1976 MMB playing a Hollywood tribute show that includes a man being eaten by a shark.

This drill is incredible. Excellent form on the elementary backstroke as well (I assume it's backstroke because otherwise he'd see the shark five times his size swimming up to him).

(H/T: MVictors)


Aram said...

Drill that actually -looks- like something! What a novel concept!

I love this stuff. There's got to be tons of awesome old film footage floating around campus of the MMB...

jeffsl said...

Cavendar was really into picture shows and drill that related to the music/theme. He was way before my time (89-92), but from what I've ever seen, his shows (during the Revelli era as well as his own) all have a real sense of flair and showmanship. Very entertaining, and modern bands could learn a lot from him.

Besides, now that the drumcorps-style movement is itself 30 years old (and pretty dated in my opinion), drill and show in the vein of Cavendar would actually seem new and fresh today.