Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Save Cody: 09/27/08


Unknown said...

Boy, a big yellow square. That could never be useful for photoshops.

KRK said...

A couple of questions:
1. What's the over/under on WVU fans photoshopping that to say something mentioning the male anatomy?

2. Who the hell is Cody?

Geoff said...


1. Vegas has taken that one off the board.

2. Cody Martin, the drum major. Hint.

Old Alto said...

FYI there is going to be a video to go along with halftime. I've seen it and it is really sweet.

On another note, according to the daily, some students want to create a blue block M in the sea of maize that is the student section. Sorta like what Penn State does with the block S in their student section. I hope it works. I got a feeling that our student section is not together enough to pull it off. They are going to try this Saturday at the Wisc. game.