Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take a Picture

So, Deadspin points out that Erin Andrews is the new spokesmodel for Replay Photos, wearing a series of interchangeable college t-shirts for whichever school you happen to be looking at.

The Deadspin link pointed to the Oklahoma store, but making a solid guess, I typed in Michigan, and sure enough, we have one. No Erin Andrews, but we have one.

As it is with these things, they cannot remember it for you wholesale. You're paying premium prices here, but two shots that may be of interest to MMB members 1 would include this one and this one.

There are also some nice shots of the interior of the stadium 2, but the general selection is quite limited.3

1--Clearly the photographer(s) made the call that Chad Henne was the most beloved member of the Michigan '07s, so if you heart Hart, you're a little out of luck.

2--Maddeningly, the long aerial photo of Michigan Stadium...HALO!


1 comment:

Bagz said...

Anyone know how old that DM/band picture is? To whom does that sexy back belong? Its not me.