Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Vault: Michigan Stadium Dedication 1927

Michigan fans know that while Ohio Wesleyan was the first opponent in the Big House, the stadium was dedicated during a game against tOhio State with a 21-0 victory on October 27, 1927.

Noted YouTube poster WolverineHistorian posted this newsreel clip, enhanced by some classic work by what sounds like Michigan's men's glee club and old-timey piano, that really must be seen. So watch the clip, and then I will have some notes after the jump, and you are strongly encouraged to post your own notes.

* Like Simpsons writer John Schwartzwelder, I have an abiding affection for old-timey Americana. This clip has SO MUCH OF IT! The use of "Varsity", complete with what looks like a pep rally, is just icing on the cake.

* It's just amazing to see people filing into Michigan Stadium, a building that looks no bigger than 40 feet off the ground, from an empty field. No concrete to be seen anywhere. And yet, the stairways and the tunnel are pretty much the same today as they were 80 years ago.

* "Today's aerial footage was provided by a biplane!"

* Look at how close the field is to the first row. I know older Michigan fans always think that the lower rows are a nightmare because of the pre-1990 arrangement, but you can really see it there.

* Suits. Everywhere suits. I know that northern weather makes this an impossible, but I like the idea that you dress for a game, as some Southern schools do.

* No yard numbers on the field, narrow band sidelines, no end zone decorations.

* Lots of footage of the cheerleaders, but no footage of the MMB. Disappointing.

* Speaking of cheerleaders, I wonder if this is the game where the live Wolverine mauled the cheerleader, leading Michigan to permanently abandon the mascot concept.

* Hey, you can see people shredding their Michigan Football Guides and tossing them into the air after a score. Some things never change. I wonder what the 1927 version of Punt/Counterpunt was like...

* On the last play of the footage, you can see that even 80 years ago, Michigan had problems containing a mobile Buckeye quarterback and finishing their tackles.

* By the way, Michigan went unscored upon in its first three games in the Big House. Navy scored 12 in the fourth game at Michigan Stadium to become the first opposing team to find paydirt at Michigan Stadium.


Anonymous said...

Hey! My name is Andy and I am "WolverineHistorian" as well as "MMBgoblue."

I'm the one who always posts the old school football clips and old band clips. I plan on uploading many more.


Craig Barker said...


Know that I (and I am sure many other Michigan fans) appreciate your efforts. If there's one thing that Michigan fans are known for, it's a proud sense of history and tradition. Your clips allow us to relive that. Keep up the great work.

Jeremy said...

I believe you can also see us fumble the opening kickoff.

Andy, you are awesome.

Bagz said...

hurray for WolverineHistorian. Michigan fans are so good at the internet. We love our blogs, youtube, and other old-timey things brought to life. I have no basis for comparison but I contend that Michigan fans are unrivaled in our internet-love of our team.

in conclusion, I hate buckeyes, and go blue.

also, jeremy, what is the band playing this week?

Jeremy said...

A Cirque du Soleil show. Features "corps-style marching and footwork," which will be interesting.