Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rose Bowl Wrap-Up

Hey, all. We haven't forgotten about this, we promise. It's just that, well, what are you going to say? Michigan played terrible football. They didn't make any adjustments at halftime, even though it was a minor miracle that they were tied at 3-3. They were demolished on the offensive line all day long. The defensive line was outgamed (the number of times Woodley was just a little too late was depressing), and our secondary wasn't going to be able to stop USC's receivers without help from them.

I would've written it all up anyway, since I at least had some fun pictures to share, but some asshole stole my digital camera out of my luggage. I stupidly left it in my checked suitcase on my flight home and someone in the baggage-handling crew made off with it. Maybe they worked for the TSA, maybe they worked for US Airways/America West. Whoever you it is, screw them.

So you guys get the abbreviated version, wherein I ignore everything but the band-related parts. Enjoy!


USC's band was first, and they sounded very average. Their marching was like Wisconsin's, but drained of all the energy, and their sound was just as listless. The coolest part was when the drum major (in Trojan costume) pierced the 50-yard-line with his sword, but in the end it's still just a guy sticking a knife in dirt. What's actually cool is Traveler, the white horse.

Michigan came next and it was night and day. They were focused, they were energetic, and they blew me away. The band was louder than I've heard them in a long time, but they were still top-notch, musically. The marching looked better than I've seen it all year. Even if the audience was 75% USC, you could tell which band meant more to its fans.

The first half occurred. It ended 3-3.


The MMB went first at halftime and played their Led Zeppelin show, which rocked even more the second time I heard it. That probably had a lot to do with being on the press box side of the field for once, but they were really cranking it out. USC's band did a lot better with their halftime than their pre-game. Their theme was "Hey, we're close to Hollywood, so when anyone needs a marching band they call us." They did "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas, and a couple of other pop songs.

The second half was very, very bad. My brother and I left with 4:00 on the clock, something I've never done at a Michigan football game we were losing.

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Jeremy said...

We counted the number of times USC's band played their miserable fight-dirge. We got to 52 before leaving right before postgame.

(still unable to join team blogs)