Thursday, January 11, 2007

Motor City Bowl Fever!

Before I left Detroit, I had the opportunity to attend the Motor City Bowl. They seemed to be understaffed at the security gates, so I missed pregame from the Middle Tennessee State Band of Blue, but they sounded pretty good. Their halftime was really a quality performance. The tuba section had some show-band moves going for them and the whole band's musicianship was way higher than you'd expect from Directional State University. The Chippewa Marching band, however, lost serious points with me when their halftime show needed 3 vibraphones, a gong, and a bass drum on the sideline. For one thing, who's going to hear 3 vibraphones over the rest of the band at halftime? And a bass drum? Don't you already have like 6 of those things out on the field? Lame.

The game wasn't a total cakewalk for CMU, but it wasn't really in doubt. Middle Tennessee did their best, and their quarterback was certainly a gamer to come back after Dan Bazuin rung his bell pretty good, but they didn't have the talent. Speaking of Bazuin, he made some serious plays and was a general menace in the backfield. One play in the second half left him nearly motionless on the field for several minutes. He popped up, ran it off, and missed just the one play. Totally deserved his MVP award.


Anonymous said...

Great blog on the Motor City Bowl, the readers at MTSU's Scout site really enjoyed it. Please visit us at the Blue Raider Zone at or at

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your comments and can't argue with anything, I was just wondering; is Central Michigan among those you refer to as "a Directional University"? Besides MTSU, my favorite directional school is USC (The University of Southern California). BTW MTSU is the largest undergraduate university in Tennessee, and what you saw wasn't the entire Band of Blue; several members chose to stay home for the Christmas holiday. Missing Christmas at home is a bummer, but I'll probably be back if we get invited to the Motor City Bowl again.

Blue Raider Fan.

Geoff said...

Blue Raider Fan-

Central definitely counts as a directional. And USC is such a weird case, since from the name you'd never know it's a private school. I'm glad you had a good enough time in Detroit that you'd come come back.