Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Short Ends

HSR tipster Dave sends another item our way.

The Smoking Gun has pictures from a Clemson "MLK party." Why is this a HSR tip? Look at the lower left of the picture.

So yeah. A proud moment indeed. At least it wasn't an actual Michigan student.

Hockey:  Took care of business this weekend, rather nicely. Billy Sauer let up on his shockingly good January long enough to let four by on Friday, but only after we were up 7-1. A better Saturday, and he walks away with the 6-2 win and a much-needed sweep. The Blog That Yost Built has a much better, much more complete look at this.

Basketball:  Yeeeeeesh. They have, indeed, no alibi. Ugly. Maize 'n' Brew live-blogged both halves of the Indiana game, while MGoBlog drew Wisconsin.

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