Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stand Up for Slovin in Style!

So a certain OHL team from a city named for the British Empire's second-worst general during World War I is suing the Michigan Daily, Matt Slovin, and a Mr. John Doe for reasons that aren't exactly clear. Poor Mr. Doe - he gets sued a lot.

The Kitchener Rangers may not understand the concept of a free press, but hopefully they understand the concept of parody. Here's a logo to help you stand up for the Daily:

Is that the Rangers' font? No, it's Univers, available in fine software packages everywhere. Is that the Rangers' shield? No, it's a modified version of the U.S. Highway shield. Do the Rangers have the rights to shields with diagonals on them? No, the heraldic bend predates the Rangers by centuries.

Print it out, stick it on a T-shirt or button, or do whatever you want with it. Ideally, use it to watermark paper on which you state your intentions to drop your silly lawsuit.

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