Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Things I would like to see, not in the grandiose "If I were King of the Forest" but in the "Well, that would be nice..." kind of way.

1).  The Freeh Report on the massive institutional failures at Penn State contained 119 recommendations for improvement at the school.  If the NCAA sanctions are designed as a deterrent measure to the other schools of the organization, then I would hope that each of the members could also demonstrate how they already meet or are working toward meeting the recommendations in the Freeh Report.  Learn the lessons of others by demonstrating how your structures are in place to prevent horrific things from happening again.

2). That Michigan would learn the lessons of Mike Ilitch when it comes to your team's on the field look.  Fundamentally, the Red Wings and Tigers look almost exactly the same as they did when Mr. I bought the team in late 1992.  The only real change would be the Tigers road look, and even that is a call back to the team's history.  Aside from a Winter Classic look or an occasional Negro League tribute game, the Tigers and Red Wings take the field/ice in the fundamentally same look that the teams wore in the 1950s and in the 1930s.  Kell worse the same jersey as Cash worse the same jersey as Kaline wore the same jersey as Trammell worse the same jersey as Fryman wore the same jersey as Verlander.  Aside from tweaks to the logo, the Production Line and the Russian Five took the ice in the same look.  This is what I want from Michigan, to know that what Tom Harmon wore on the field is what Denard Robinson is wearing on the field.  I know there are those who say that only the home jersey and helmet are sacrosanct, but in looking at the Cowboys Classic look, we're roughly four years away from the dreaded maize jersey, which will be "selected by the senior leadership of Team 137" (Shane, don't let this happen.)

I'd been said before, but remember that a baseball team would need to wear an "alternate" uniform 13 times a year to have the same proportional impact of a college football team wearing an alternate look.  An NHL hockey team would need to do it six times a season.  And this is if you just have one alternate look, not seven different looks during the course of a season.

3). That anyone who decides to drink would be so smart as to call a cab.  Seriously, just call a cab, have a DD, but do not, DO NOT, get behind the wheel.

4). That the NCAA would stop trying to go all DC/Marvel at stop it with the retconning* such as taking away victories and such and instead just let what happened on the field stand with massive footnotes about the circumstances under which they occurred.

*-our friend Greg made this joke first, we very much enjoyed it.

I'm sure there's other things, but this seems like a good start.

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