Sunday, December 04, 2011

Oversigning bowl: Just don't watch.

Elliot Porter will not be playing in the LSU-Alabama Oversigning Bowl.

Some time ago in this space, I explained why the Urban Meyer Rule should be obsolete and why an LSU-Alabama rematch was desirable, namely, because both schools are dirty fucking oversigning grayshirting cheaters. I have received my wish, as #3 Oklahoma State faces #4 Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl, a.k.a. the national championship for non-cheating schools (*). So for rematch haters like me, it's the best of both worlds, if we assume both worlds are strange places where we just can't have a 4+ team playoff. We can ignore the SEC circle-jerk and still have something resembling a true national championship between the two best teams that don't completely mistreat their athletes. It's going to be weird for the last game of the season to be NIU-Arkansas State, but, like every other season, it's been a weird season.

(*) I'm sure if someone went all Freep on them, we'd find they'll guilty of tons of stuff too, but likely nothing as evil as promising a kid a scholarship and then stealing it away. Also, let's not forget that the Fiesta Bowl is run by frauds and cheaters.

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