Wednesday, December 28, 2011

B1G/Pac 12 Matchups Matrix

Because I am nothing if not insanely curious about this, the following is a matrix of the last time each Big Ten school faced each Pac 12 school, along with the essential range of the number of times they have played since 1936.  There are eight matchups that have never occurred, those are in red with a white 0 in the cell.

This, this is what I do.
Light pink is a matchup that has only occurred once.
Deep Yellow (old school maize if you will) are matchups that have occurred two to four times.
Yellow are matchups that have occurred five to nine times.
Light green are matchups that have occurred 10-19 times.
Light blue are matchups that have occurred 20-49 times (in this case, just OSU/USC)
The Darker Blue are matchups that have occurred 50+ times (which is Colorado/Nebraska from their old Big 8/Big XII days.)

I'll have more on "dream" initial matchups in 2017, but for now, make use of this data as you see fit.


M Fanfare said...

FYI Nebraska and Washington played in the 2011 regular season.

Craig Barker said...

Thank you good sir. The Stassen index didn't have the 2011 data in yet, so I had to pull from schedules and I forgot that one. I will update it. Thanks.

PAL88888 said...

Great matrix! Very concise. Would like to see it for regular season games only to determine which schools actually schedule each other rather than a coincidental bowl match up.

Craig Barker said...

Thanks PAL. I would consider that, but that would also take the Rose Bowl out of play, which is part of the charm of the B1G/Pac-12 connection. Perhaps a Rose Bowl only matrix would also be worthwhile?