Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loose Seal, Loose Seal!

Guest post from HSR Beltway-ish Correspondent David T. (Yes, he moved.)
Take it away Dave:  

Inspired by Gawker's countdown of the 50 worst states in America and the silly Michigan seal news, I think we should have a poll ranking the 12 Big Ten official seals from worst to first. The seals are below in one handy image file.

1. Rank the 12 Big Ten seals from #1 to #12. No ties please. Your top choice will receive 15 points, second choice 11, third choice 10, all the way down to your last choice receiving 1 point. Whichever school gets the most points wins!
2. Try not to be a homer for your favorite school, and try not to let differing quality of the images affect your decision.
3. Include any comments you want explaining your choices.
4. Use the Google Form below to cast your vote.

Thanks for helping out!


Brian D said...

Is ours really the one one in color?

Craig Barker said...

Brian, yeah, amazing as it is, yes, Michigan's is the only one in two colors.