Thursday, March 24, 2011

Midwest #4: RPI

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Engineers

#4 seed vs. North Dakota
Midwest Regional (Resch Center, Green Bay, WI)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

At-Large Berth from ECAC

Record: 20-12-5
Head Coach: Seth Appert

We promise that, despite our desire to do so, this entire preview will not be written in Dutch.  But first, let's screw with your head.  Puckman, can you come over here for a moment:

I'm not anti-science, but clearly RPI's experiments in genetic engineering have gone too far.  That thing doesn't even have eyes man!  "What sin can a puckman commit in a single lifetime to bring this upon himself?"  Plus, it's carrying a stick, which means he's clearly a self-flagellate.  Seriously, this just raises further questions.  I'm going to need a few minutes...

All right, yes, so the Engineers, 1985 National Champions, alma mater of Adam Oates, school so committed to engineering that its nickname is the Engineers and not, say "the Beavers" or "the Beavers".  Rolling early in the season, a 2-6-1 finish, complete with a loss in the first round of the ECAC playoffs, the Engineers hope that the final version, released this weekend will pass muster.  RPI will also be facing the classic hockey question of rest vs. rust, having not played in two weeks, as opposed to North Dakota being extended to double OT by the Pioneers last weekend.

So yes, basically, Hobey Top Ten Finalist Chase Polacek, some...oh goodness, he's coming right for us!

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Geoff said...

The INCH capsule preview contains this gem, which sounds like it was written about the '09 Michigan basketball team "CJ Lee brings energy every night and is a tough guy to play against."