Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So the comment section of yesterday's MGoBlog post on noise/RAWK MUSIC/the band once again turned into a ridiculous sh*tstorm. I waded through a couple of pages this morning, got bored, and left for work.

Since nobody asked me, this is what I think (That's "me", singular. Not necessarily the view of HSR as a whole):

If the band can play louder, they should. NO ONE DENIES THIS. It's not going to matter to Section 11, though, because of where the band is in the stadium. I guess it could get better when the press box is removed, but the band is angled to play to the visitors sideline. Move the band to the north end zone, things probably get better. Ditch the woodwinds, things get louder. Both of these things are expensive propositions, and unless someone wants to earmark a substantial donation, it ain't happening any time soon. In the meantime, the band should turn and face the student section more often.

At the same time, RAWK MUSIC isn't the devil. Selection and use were better for the ND game than the opener, the players like it, and it has the advantage that everyone can hear it. It probably helped with the noise level, and I'm all for a louder, more electrifying stadium.

What I don't want to see hear is an NFL/NHL/NBA game, where you're bludgeoned with butt rock every time there's a break in the action. I will cut someone if I ever hear Creed or Nickelback played while the band is in the stadium. Piped-in music should be used sparingly, and I'd prefer it if they used music that the band can't play very well ("Welcome to the Jungle", "Lose Yourself", etc).

To any current MMB members: Holy crap, you guys are getting caught in the crossfire. Sorry, it sucks. Halftime, I know the dynamics aren't your decision and the musicianship is always top-notch. But if you could try to peel our faces off with a wall of sound on "The Victors" when you're in the stands, we'd really appreciate it.

There. I've said my piece. Unless something falls under the heading of "actual news", let us not speak of this again.

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Joe said...

I stopped reading at about 200 comments; I think the shitstorm had a lot to do with it being the top-of-the-fold post pretty much all day, when people were looking for UFRs.

That said (and this came up in the comments yesterday too), I'm much happier with the Michigan in-fighting topics now vs. the ones two weeks or 12 months ago.