Saturday, September 05, 2009

MGoMix 2009--Barker Edition

Geoff was right, I do indeed have my own mix for this season and here it is, with some explanations. Unlike 2008, no holdovers from last season (for obvious reasons):

1). Elvis Costello -- "Pump It Up"

Always a good way to start off any hype mix.

2). The Black Crowes -- "Twice As Hard"

In many ways, I suspect that this season will have the phrase "Twice as hard As it was the first time" feeling very appropriate from time to time.

3). Cracker -- "Get Off This"

New era, new coach, so the line "Get off this, get on with it. If you wanna change the world, shut your mouth and start this minute." seems wholly fitting.

4). Foo Fighters -- "Times Like These"

Sort of self-explanatory, also a rocking number.

5). The Wallflowers -- "Everybody Out of the Water (New Frontier)"

A song about an impending apocalypse. No, I am not developing a theme here.

6). AC/DC -- "Thunderstruck"

I think I am legally required to include this on any pumped play list.

7). The New Pornographers -- "Challengers"

I was playing this all the time that when Michigan was headed back to the NCAA Tournament last season, so I rolled it over here.

8). R.E.M. -- "Living Well is the Best Revenge"

Another one that sort of speaks for itself.

9). Oasis -- "Supersonic"

In honor of Coach Rod: "You need to be yourself, You can't be no one else."

10). U2 -- "Desire"

In honor of the spread offense and its rising ubiquity: "Over the counter with a shotgun, Pretty soon everybody got one."

11). Coldplay -- "The World Turned Upside Down"

Partly chosen to reflect last season, partly because this line I think speaks deeply to the fans: "What is this feeling that I can't explain, and why am I never gonna sleep again. What is this thing I've never seen before, a little boy lost in a breaking storm."

12). The Animals -- "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood." Remind you of anyone?

13). The Dandy Warhols -- "Bohemian Like You"

"You got a great car, yeah what's wrong with it today?" Yep...

14). The Hives -- "Tick Tick Boom"

It's not hockey, but it also just gets one pumped up listening!

15). Pearl Jam -- "Dissident"

Solely picked for the gallows' humor aspect of it in light of this past week.

16). Beck -- "E-Pro"

A favorite of my college roommate and game day partner in crime.

17). The Smithereens -- "Time Won't Let Me (cover)"

A fantastic cover from Time Cop. I think the line "I can't wait forever, even though you want me too." Yeah, I think we can see the theme clearly now.

18). Tom Petty -- "I Won't Back Down"

"Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out. Hey, I, will stand my ground. And I won't back down." Well, here's to hoping anyway.

19). Dropkick Murphys -- "Cadence to Arms"

Bagpipes into a rocking version of a call to arms. Yeah, somehow this makes perfect sense to me.

20). J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra -- "Michigan Replay (Across 110th Street Theme)"

21). Michigan Marching Band -- "The Hoover Street Rag"

22). Michigan Marching Band -- "Temptation (Blue Album)"

23). Michigan Marching Band -- "Hawaiian War Chant (Blue Album)"

24). Michigan Marching Band -- "M Fanfare"

25). Michigan Marching Band -- "The Victors"

So that's it, that's the list. I hope you enjoy it and Go Blue!

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