Friday, March 27, 2009

Let The Games Begin

As the games begin, we come to the end of our capsule previews. Thanks to all of you for reading and for the corrections in the comments. We appreciate them. Personally, I'd like to thank Craig for all his work on this (he wrote half the previews). Thanks also to Deadspin and Puck Daddy for the links and to College Hockey News and College Hockey Stats for, well, existing. Both are excellent resources.

Finally, if you want all of our work in one handy place, here it is in PDF form. You don't want to be embarrassed out at the bar when you don't know who Zane Kalemba is. If you'd rather keep it electronic, here are links to all the previews organized by regional and by school.

Northeast Regional Midwest Regional West
East Regional
Boston University Notre Dame Denver Michigan
North Dakota Northeastern Minnesota Duluth Yale
New Hampshire Cornell Princeton Vermont
Ohio State Bemidji State Miami Air Force


Daniel Kessler said...

Any talk of a live blog...?

Craig Barker said...

Sadly Daniel, my hockey Christmas also happens to be one of my busiest weekends of the year in terms of family commitments, so I won't be around to liveblog. I cannot speak for Geoff.

Daniel Kessler said...

Thanks for the quick response Craig! I work in the hospital at UM and I'm hoping we get ESPNU on our cable service...if not I'm going to have to duck out to the Arena at 3 (I do data management for the hospital, so nobody would miss me for a few hours).

Daniel Kessler said...

Game might be streaming at