Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wooooo! That was awesome! I mean, it looked bad at first, then Clemson stalled out and we pulled ahead, but let them back in it and barely made it into halftime with a 3-point lead. Then there was the part where we were just crushing them in the second half, pushing the lead out to 14 for a bit, falling back, then hustling it back up to 15, which was awesome, but then there was that gut-wrenching avalanche of turnovers off the Clemson press and freshmen launching 3-balls waaaay early in the shot clock and then more turnovers and I thought it was all going to end in tears when those threes started raining down on us, but MANNY was huge all night and he got the and-1 on his drive to the hoop and Novak hit one big free throw to finish it off and then WOOOOOOO. MUPPETS!

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