Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Comcastic!

Anybody know how to pull data off a Comcast DVR? Despite their best efforts, I did manage to record the game, including the brawl in the middle, and I'd like to put together some clips. A few notes:

  1. Comcast was totally outclassed in its coverage by WOLV. Despite the security-camera quality available for a web broadcast, WOLV showed me the whole game. Comcast:

    1. Didn't put the game in the channel guide, so I had to create a manual recording and hope.

    2. Didn't start the game on time. Fifteen minutes into the supposed broadcast, they finally stopped showing a rebroadcast of a Plymouth Whalers game. When they finally started showing the Michigan game, Naurato had already scored.

    3. Neglected to turn the sound on for the first 30 minutes of the game they actually showed. Right after the interviews at the first intermission, they finally got the sound back.

    So the first 45 minutes of the broadcast featured stupid technical problems caused by incompetent staff on one end.

  2. Kaufmann was just outside his crease when Palushaj ran him over. In theory, that's not a penalty, but you're getting called for that ten times out of ten.

  3. Tristin Llewellyn's takedown puts him as suspect #1 in the "Who Injured Scooter Vaughan?" case.

  4. Whichever "fan" went over to start something in the UNO parents' section should be banned from Yost for 5 years. Idiot.


Charles said...

thank you for choosing us over the cable nazis at comcast.

Jeremy said...

The mgovideo forums will probably explain it. I imagine that's where most of those videos came from.