Monday, October 21, 2013

Moving the Chains

(Site note: I'm moving.  Not sites, I mean I am literally in the process of moving from my condo in the extreme Northwest corner of Wayne County to a house in the extreme Northwest corner of Monroe County.  Thus, until we get packed, moved, and settled, columns and site content will be a little light as there is not a lot of extra cycles.  But had to get a couple of notes in...)

Thomas Gordon, picture me rolling...down the field after a pick. (Fuller/

What's the hack joke here, that Indiana's a basketball school, and so you expect a basketball score?  That there will be Wisconsin basketball games that will not score as much this season?  That when Baylor and Oregon do it, they're tremendous offenses on display, when Michigan does it, well, you were playing Indiana?  I'm not sure, but I am happy that this is the flavor going in to the second open date, a win at home that was more interesting than it needed to be, that gets Michigan bowl eligible (thus assuring the critical 15 extra practices), that maybe Borges can get out of his own way and call plays for the offense he has, not that offense he wants?

I'm not sure, but Michigan catches a rare break from the Big Ten schedule makers.  facing Michigan State in East Lansing after an open date while Michigan State must go to Champaign before coming home to Michigan.  The word "trap game" quickly comes to mind, especially for a team with just the one rival.  The streak's at 358, a severe test comes up for 359.  Let's see the boys get two solid weeks of practice, get healthy and keep Paul in Ann Arbor.

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