Sunday, October 06, 2013

Don't add a word, don't ruin the movie

I had a high-lair-ee-us tweet all ready to go while I was waiting for the presumably inevitable turnover: "The Constant Gardner Interceptions #AddAWordRuinTheMovie." Fortunately, this attempted comedy never had a chance to join the ranks of a "A Very Brady Hoke Sequel" and "Children of the Corn III: Urban Meyer Harvest," as Michigan played its first turnover-free game since the 2011 edition of the Brown Jug.

We're setting the Borges-O-Meter to Level 4, predictable, but this week's predictable is not a problem. Running the ball behind Taylor Lewan was predictable, but wise, even if it wasn't quite so predictable where exactly on the line Lewan was. Calling nothing but runs of the first drive was predictable, but it worked. Making sure Gardner calmed down and was making good decisions was the safe, smart play. Moving Devin Funchess to WR was an inevitability.

After two weeks of near-horror, there's nothing like a safe game plan to get back on track before ratcheting up the difficulty for tougher opponents than Minnesota. Just like reading Pierre Menard's Don Quixote, sometimes things are good even if you know they're coming.

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