Thursday, May 30, 2013

Improper use of the new Michigan logo

The U-M Global Communications Office has just released a new logo, complete with a new custom font called "The Victors," and a new set of logo guidelines. Due to space limitations, they were not able to list all the ways to misuse the logo. We list a few more in this post.

1. To protect the logo from abuse, DO NOT let the logo anywhere near the Rutgers Athletic Department.

2. DO NOT use the logo as part of a fundraising drive to purchase a video of a prominent Canadian politician smoking crack.

3. DO NOT incorporate the logo into animated GIFs involving animals owned by members of the football team.

Above all, DO NOT create presentation templates for students and faculty to use when presenting their scholarly work. The Brand cannot be tainted by association with the academic mission of the university.

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Anonymous said...

This is your best post of the year; outstanding