Sunday, March 03, 2013

An incomplete inventory of Brady Hoke's Office Bookshelf

Based on this video
An incomplete, but hopefully accurate list Things on Brady Hoke's Bookshelf: 

  • A replica of a Navy SEAL Trident
  • A copy of The Big House: Fielding Yost and the Building of Michigan Stadium by Robert M. Soderstrom
  • A copy of the Michigan Football Vault
  • A copy of Jim Brandstatter's Tales from Michigan Stadium
  • A photo of Charles Woodson's LEAPING Interception vs. MSU 1997 
  • A photo of a real wolverine in the wild
  • A photo of the Rose Bowl marquee
  • A copy of Michael Rosenberg's War As They Knew It
  • A photo of the offensive line in the trenches vs. MSU (year unknown)
  • An Under the Lights stadium poster
  • A photo of Charles Woodson with Heisman Trophy
  • A photo of Desmond Howard in Heisman pose
  • A photo of Jake Long
  • A replica helmet from 1950
  • A replica Ron Kramer helmet from 1956
  • A replica Don Moorhead helmet from 1969
  • A replica 1997 helmet 
  • An original redwood seat from Michigan Stadium 
  • A photo of his daughter 
  • A poster of the 1/2/98 Detroit Free Press front page 
  • A Personalized Michigan license plate that says THETEAM
  • A photo of Charles Woodson's INT vs WSU in Rose Bowl
  • A photo of Jerame Tuman
  • A 100th Game Game Ball from OSU 2003
  • A paper cutout of the Michigan helmet wings, side view
  • An additional game ball
  • 1997 National Champions hat (navy blue)
  • A copy of the Sports Illustrated 1997 National Champions commemorative issue.
  • A copy of the Alabama Game Week plan.
In addition, photos on the wall adjacent to the bookshelf, Team 133 congratulating Brendan Gibbons after his Sugar Bowl winning kick, a sea of helmets picture, and some others.

I will say, Brady Hoke's office is like the dream version of what I would want my office to be.

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