Friday, February 17, 2012

Beat Ohio by making your own Ohio logo!

The official serif font of Ohio is Minion. This can only be intended as a subtle reminder that: 1) Ohio is evil, and 2) Ohio shouldn't be put in charge of things. Among things Ohio shouldn't have been put in charge of is designing their own logo. They clearly visited the same people responsible for Lucent's "brown ring of quality" and Gap's Helvetica disaster. The result was the brilliant idea of a scarlet square with the phrase "The Ohio State University" written in white inside it, as though that's Ohio's official name.

This logo is so simple that it's easy to parody. If you've purchased - ha, ha, downloaded - Photoshop, Minion is included. If you don't like to do illegal things, Minion is included with Adobe Reader, but you have to use a trick to install it for general use. Simply open up your favorite image editor (I used Inkscape), make a scarlet square (RGB hex = #990000) and insert your favorite phrase.

First we start with Terrelle Pryor's name for the university:
I refused to equally capitalize all the letters in "The." It should be in small caps, just like on their official seal.

There's a possibility that someone, maybe T. Pryor himself, might mistake you for a fan with the above design. No worries, next we'll go with MGoBlog's favorite formulation:

As for me, I prefer remembering the days when Virginia claimed all of the Northwest Territory, and have made a new logo to reflect that:
All designs can be made into T-shirts following the directions here.

Update: Jeremy reminds me that Pryor didn't say "the." 

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Jeremy said...

Terrelle Pryor didn't say "the." Don't give them their definite article.