Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three Things

1. Preseason Practice. Daily and weekly hour limitations do not apply to countable athletically related activities occurring during preseason practice prior to the frst day of classes or the frst scheduled contest, whichever is earlier. (Adopted: 1/10/91 efective 8/1/91)

2. Daily and Weekly Hour Limitations—Playing Season. A student-athlete’s participation in countable athletically related activities (see Bylaw 17.02.1) shall be limited to a maximum of four hours per day and 20 hours per week. (Adopted: 1/10/91 effective 8/1/91)


Marching band practice consists of 1.5 hours per day, Monday to Friday out on Elbel Field. Each section generally also has a mandatory half-hour practice before one of those days. On game day, there is a two-hour practice, a "lunch" break, then a half-hour visualization session prior to step-off to the stadium. The NCAA defines a football game as 3 hours, regardless of how long it actually takes. That's a 13.5-hour week for the marching band.


Credit said...

Your point is?

Geoff said...

1. No one seems to have mentioned that workouts during the official preseason aren't capped. If any of the quotes refer to preseason workouts, it would appear to me that they don't point to actual violations.

2 & 3. If the marching band has 13+ hours per week of organized practice, the fiction that a Division I football team would ever operate within the 20 hour cap is simply absurd.

Credit said...

I think the bigger issue isn't the violations, so much as it is that some current players might have spoke to the media, and that there is someone at the Freep who has it out for us

FloridaBuck said...

And may I point out that, last year, the UM Marching Band had a MUCH better season with their 13.5 hours than the football team with their gazillion and 1/3 hours of practice!

Old Alto said...

Hey, you're back! I thought this blog was gone for good.

Also, most of us would show up early for practice on our own accord, but with the thinking that it was mandatory. Remember "To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be forgotten!"

If you only marched on the reserve field and never practiced outside of that, you were never going to be good enough to make it in to block. (unless you were a bass bone)

Also, even though the coach might not be at the voluntary practices, himself, he knows who has been practicing extra. Just by seeing the performance of his players at regular workouts he can tell who has been putting in the extra hours.

Craig Barker said...

Thank you fellow Craig. One of the things that has bothered me about this whole situation is that I preach to my student that effort always shows, even when you aren't sure it does. Anyone observing a group of people, trained to observe performance, in whatever area it might be, develops a sense of where a person was and where they can be. Sometimes someone's natural talent requires very little effort to maintain their achievements, but for most people, the only way to get better is to work hard. Many times, that hard work pays off and the results are clearly able to be observed. So even if someone isn't there in an official capacity, coaches are going to know who is putting in the extra time, but more importantly, so are his teammates. I wonder if that peer pressure is the bigger issue but perhaps it's just easier to go after the boss?

Jeremy said...

Bass bone zing! It's a game of odds, but I'll vouch for those around my during my time.

Exiled In LA said...

thanks for this. i was laying in bed last night trying to do this math, but it has been too long since my marching days (92-94). I knew it had to be close to 15 or so hrs, and I also had labs, student gov't, etc. i also had problems memorizing music, and that definitely ate up a few hrs a wk too.

I don't know if it's a great idea to spend 40 hrs a week playing football, but if they follow the written rules and no one is getting their scholarship yanked over the "voluntary" stuff, I don't get why any of this matters.

oh, right, those fish wrappers don't sell themselves.