Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2008-2009 MMB shows

  • M vs. Utah "The Who" Show (incl. I Can See For Miles, Who Are You, Pinball Wizard, Won't Get Fooled Again)
  • UM vs. Miami of Ohio "Boy Bands" Show
  • UM @ Notre Dame "Boy Bands" repeated
  • UM vs. Wisconsin "Cody Martin's Day Off" Show (Ferris Bueller skit show)
  • UM vs. Illinois (Homecoming) "Jersey Boys" Show
  • UM vs. Toledo "Modern Rock/Pop" Show
  • UM vs. Michigan State "Trains" Show (plus a combined performance with the Spartan Marching Band)
  • UM vs. Northwestern "America Rocks" Show
  • UM @ Ohio State "America Rocks" repeated

My one hope for the season is that, at some point, Professor Boerma Rickrolls the crowd.


Craig Barker said...

My sincere hope for the year is that they learn how to play "March of the Swivelheads", which could then be used in the future for late game drives, a la the Ferris running sequence in the movie.

Brian D said...

Boy Bands? Are we sure we can't get Prof. Nix back?

Aram said...

I would look for a RickRoll elsewhere on campus from the athletic bands... But you didn't hear that from me.

Unknown said...

A Rickroll to Michigan Stadium? I hope Professor Boerma is willing to make it happen.

This year's sequence seems a little light on the "Classical/Composers" sequences that Professor Nix used to like putting in. Is this Professor Boerma's preference?

colin said...

by far the most awesome thing to do would involve an arrangement around the theme of Mission of Boerma. that would be sweet.

J. Yeh said...

Boy Bands show? That's not what I think it is, is it? If it is, I don't know what's more appalling, that's it's on the schedule, or on the schedule twice.