Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hockey Sweeps Lake State

...but at what price? Chad Kolarik scored all four Michigan goals in Friday night's 4-2 victory over Lake State, but he went down in the 3rd period of tonight's game with an injury to his right leg. It looked like a hamstring, maybe a groin pull to the FSN crew, and I'm inclined to agree with them. Hopefully it was a minor tweak, because his loss would be huge against MSU, and no matter what, we need him for the postseason.

Quick impressions: Lake State played well both times. We weren't lucky to come away with the sweep, but we had to work hard to get it. Friday night, in particular, wasn't a great effort for the first couple periods. We looked a lot more solid tonight, but once again failed to really break the game open. We also had some ridiculous luck with the refs. A linesman took down Mitera (I think) in the first period, but it didn't cost us, as we were bringing the puck up the ice, but Sergott helped give the Lakers their first goal. On a Laker power play, Brian Hogan (who got the start instead of Sauer) went behind his net to clear the puck around the boards. Well, it bounced off the boards and right into Sergott, keeping it deep in our zone. After about three more touches, it found the back of our net. Oops. Anyway, solid series from our guys, but we'll have to dial it up against State next weekend.

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