Thursday, May 03, 2007

WTI: Boermania

Geoff: So we're thinking that, for the offseason, WTI is going to be a bi-weekly affair.
Craig: And I think it's a good idea... May I make a quick note?
Craig: As Michigan alums who have a strong background in trivia, GZ and I would like to congratulate UM's own Pete for winning his Jeopardy! College Championship quarterfinal match yesterday and advancing to the semis. We're wishing him luck as he goes forward.
Geoff: Absolutely. We always support our own in any competition, and especially when it comes to Jeopardy!.
Craig: Even if he did go to CC
Geoff: Hey, we can't all be perfect.
Craig: Maize and blue trumps that. Anyway Geoff, let us begin.
Geoff: Like we reported earlier in the week, Scott Boerma will be taking over the reigns of the Michigan Marching Band.
Craig: From Novi, and then Eastern Michigan from what I have read
Geoff: Yep. And he's been arranging for the MMB since '95.
Craig: As I suggested, it's like promoting from with-side...
Geoff: I like this hire. I think it was definitely the safest of the three finalists, since Boerma's been floating around the program for 12 years.
Craig: And from what I have gathered, this is something that he sees as a destination job, which hopefully means long-term stability.
Craig: We should point out for our readers, of the three HSR primary authors, I am the only one without an MMB connection, beyond being a fan.
Geoff: Hopefully. At Michigan, we tend to get the ambitious ones. It's not a surprise when they head off to be Director of Bands somewhere else. I just want to see them stick around for about 5 years or so, to bring some stability to the program. It was a revolving door in the late '90's.
Craig: Geoff, that's crazy talk, wanting an incoming freshman to have the same director when they graduate. Crazy talk!
Geoff: Here's how it went for me: As a high schooler, I participated in Crisler Concert under Sedatole, had my freshman year under Tapia, and by my junior season Nix was my director.
Geoff: Musically is where Boerma's a known quantity for me. He dealt mostly with the pop classical/movie theme shows we did, and I always really liked his arrangements. The man knows his way around a third trumpet part, which is saying more than you'd think.
Craig: I'll trust you sir.
Geoff: Jeremy's worried he'll blink the bass trombone out of existence, but I hope the lack of parts for that section was just because he wanted to sell the arrangement to others later.
Craig: Well, as always, time will tell. I'm excited to see what he comes up with for the Notre Dame game. And will Living on a Prayer continue as one of the least explicable Michigan Stadium traditions?
Geoff: I hope Boerma keeps going with the rock shows that Nix always did. I am whole-heartedly in favor of blatant pandering to the student section.
Craig: Pandering to the student section is your only guarantee of getting a semi loud crowd.
Geoff: Hey, I've heard that the baseball team is kind of good.
Craig: I have heard similar rumors, and upon [ping] investigation, I have learned [ping] that the maize and blue are [ping] an offensive juggernaut.
Geoff: There's a joke in here with all those pings and a denial-of-service attack, but I can't quite reach it.
Geoff: Right now we're 31-8 overall and a staggering 15-1 in the Big Ten.
Craig: And the games against Minnesota, the only other really good team in the conference, are a washout.
Geoff: That's both good and bad, I suppose.
Craig: Yes, no real test until the tournament, but that may end up at Fisher because of it
Geoff: I might have to find my way to the Fish this weekend. We're feeling the Illinoise on Friday, Saturday (x2), and Sunday.
Craig: It was a great experience last weekend vs. Sparty, enhanced by the Michigan Alumni Band.
Craig: So, we hope that our diamond men can make some noise for northern baseball.
Geoff: Final item: Andrew Cogliano has gone pro. What the heck?
Craig: If by "pro" you mean "wallowing in the AHL."
Craig: Oh I'm sorry, did I write that aloud?
Geoff: He speaks for all of us! Cogs is two seasons from seeing significant PT at the next level. I have no idea why he leaves now.
Craig: I don't get it. OK, wait, I do get it, but I don't think it's a good idea.
Geoff: Does he really think Edmonton's bad enough that he'll break into their fourth line next year?
Craig: Maybe he figures Edmonton would promote him because he's young and cheap?
Craig: Oh wait, salary cap era, that doesn't work anymore
Craig: GZ, why is it that we're more frustrated by hockey defections than we are football ones? Though I wonder if Alan Branch maybe wishes he had stayed in school.
Geoff: Because football guys don't go unless they'll at least get drafted and make the squad.
Craig: Makes sense, you know you're going because you're ready to go.
Geoff: We've seen way too many hockey guys go up, wave hello, and spend two or more seasons in the AHL. Paging Al Montoya...
Craig: Wait, he's still in hockey?
Geoff: He plays for the glory that is the Hartford Wolfpack.
Craig: You're right, he was involved in an EPIC AHL goalie fight this year (it's on YouTube).
Geoff: This is all disheartening. Defections from hockey, arrests from football. Perfect offseason forever!
Craig: Don't forget the lawsuit
Geoff: Blergh.
Geoff: And that's how I'll leave all of this.
Craig: Well, let's hope that we have some better things to discuss the next time.
Craig: Until then, I'm CDB .
Geoff: And there are some who call me...GZ. We're out.


Jeremy said...

My friend addressed the bass bone concerns during the candidate meetings. My reservations were (homophone alert) baseless. Per his e-mail:

The reason that Boerma never implemented a dedicated bass bone part is due to the habits he has formed as an arranger. He's got a specific style when it comes to creating overtones and such, and he said that he's just never gotten out of it. He seemed very interested in the idea and said that if he were to take the position, that he would never phase out the bass trombone and would work on writing unique parts.

Anonymous said...

Well, I will say this about Mr. Boerma:

I've been at EMU for the last 4 years, starting with his first year in control, and was here as part of his official hiring process 3 years ago. At that time, he told us that he intended on staying here for some time. That didn't happen, and while some of it had to do with Mark Waymire leaving here as well to go to Ole Miss for his Doctorate, and the rest having to do with the U of M job opening up, he didn't stay when he said he would. I doubt he would do the same there, as there aren't many better opportunities than what he has now. But don't get TOO comfortable with him... he might still find something even better in 3 years.

What I do know is that he is a great person. He will be a perfect fit at U of M, and you are all really lucky to have someone like him at the helm. There aren't many people who could make your band better, but if there's anyone, it's Scott Boerma

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if SB was actually in MMB when he was a Wolverine? He would've been my era, and for some reason, I can't place him.