Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's Boerma

This is the text of the e-mail sent out this morning introducing Scott Boerma as the new director of the MMB:
Date: May 1, 2007 10:20 AM
Subject: Message from Prof. Haithcock

Dear Elbel Club Board Members--

It is my pleasure to announce that Scott Boerma will be the new director of the Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands, pending approval by the Regents of the University. Mr. Boerma's engaging personality, proven talent, and considerable experience make him an ideal choice to lead the MMB and its related activities at this time. His familiarity with the program should help to minimize challenges presented in such a transition and allow the students to focus on maintaining the standard of excellence that is the legacy of the program. His work in Revelli Hall begins on June 4th.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Scott Boerma to UM!

Michael Haithcock
Director of University Bands


Anonymous said...

Nice of them to inform the Elbel Club before they inform the MMB.

Classy move, Prof. Haithcock.

Ameed said...

As a (relatively) new member of crotchety MMB alum, take that, Aram!

Anonymous said...

What's next, "the band was better in my day!" stories, Ameed? hehe