Monday, October 09, 2006

Focus On The Bands: MSU game

Spartan Marching Band

Their pre-game entrance is still weird to see, with that jitter every eight counts (or whatever), but they're a top-tier band with a third-rate football team. As a trumpet I may be biased, but I like the big, brassy sound they have. They also chose to do a modern Broadway show (which is still not a good idea), but they sound better than Wisconsin.


I got several complaints about this show, as if I'm a person with any influence on the band ("Hey! You're the person I know who was most-recently a low-ranking, near-permanent reserve! Let me tell you what I think you should make that Jamie Nix do..."). I'll say here what I said at the game: This show was not meant to entertain you, it was meant to impress Michigan State's band. The MMB pulled out a big band/Latin jazz show this week. It was technically very good, the musicality was there, and they did some pretty impressive stuff on the ground. However, it wasn't really going to get the crowd going. This should be the last time that sort of show happens this year (OSU being a road game, after all), so I'd expect more pop-based shows for the rest of the season.

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