Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two-Hundred-Thirty-Five Member

I know I've been critical of Prof. Boerma on this blog before, but credit where due, this was awesome to read:
 We will field a full contingent of MMB members at the Alabama game on Sept. 1,” Boerma wrote. “Per his request, I gave David Brandon an optimal number of students needed to make this an effective performance, and he agreed to that number with no request for a compromise. 
A consolation pep band was never an option! Well done, sir. I like to imagine it transpired with fists pounding on desks, but it was undoubtedly more cooperative and civil. Anyway, this means that you will get to hear, live and in person, as someone wiser'n myself once put it:
That simple 4 word command to eminate out of the P.A. system. I can hear it now! "Band take the field!" and out of that eastern tunnel pour 215 well drilled, well disciplined Michigan bandsmen. They pour over the Eastern sideline and they form the big block M and they play the greatest college fight song ever written!
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Thanks to whomever made this happen; by my calculations, we can count on seeing their name spelled out on the field at postgame every home game for the next seven years.

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