Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Way to go Surya Sabhapathy!

Yes, we've been away for a while. Can you blame us? Anyway, we would be remiss as (to varying degrees)

a). Michigan alums

b). Michigan Academic Competitions alums

c). Jeopardy! College Champions

d). b and c

e). all of the above

to not congratulate Michigan's Surya Sabhapathy for making the finals of the Jeopardy! College Championship for 2010. We genuinely do not know the results, so we will be pulling for her on the two-day final this Thursday/Friday! Way to go Surya!


Sachi said...

Hi Surya, My wife, my grand children and I enoyed the way you played the game and progressed towards the trophy but the final result made us disappoited. Nevertheless, your work was more than excellent (short of words) and we all wish you good luck in your future. You are a role model for my grand children for sure.

Unknown said...

where can I get a clip of when Surya Sabhapathy answered Hippopotamus instead of Lions, for a group of man eating carnivours.

Surya, you made me laugh, not in a bad way, lol, in a good way. It was cute, and I have new admiration for you.
this will be your claim to fame. NObody is going to remember Ryan.