Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lost in Transition

There are times where you look at something and for all of your experience, knowledge, wisdom, and desire to comprehend what you are seeing, it just doesn't make any sense. At times, it's a larger philosophical notion, like what is man's purpose on Earth or how do we know that reality is actually what we perceive it to be. Other times, it's just trying to figure out what you were seeing on the football field in front of you.

Yesterday was one of those days for the latter kind of days. So many questions, so few answers.

* How did Michigan look so good on offense in scoring two early touchdowns, only to completely regress for the remainder of the game?

* How did Michigan's defense forget to tackle after halftime?

* How could Michigan let Juice Williams beat us?

* How are we STILL fumbling the ball away?

* How are we failing to adjust?

* Where is the running game?

* Why did we go away from the play-action and Stephen Threet runs in the second half?

* Were the officials purposefully trying to miss obvious calls that would have benefited Michigan, or was it merely incompetence on their part?

* Do we have a secondary?

There were so many more, and I wish I had answers, but we're almost halfway through the season, and the lack of answers, one way or the other, is maddening. What I do know is when the last time that Michigan lost this badly to the Illini, it was the Red Grange game. That's probably not a good thing.

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