Friday, December 28, 2007

The Heisman Trophy Story

When you write for a blog, especially just as a casual thing, you should not have any expectations of anyone recognizing your efforts, because, in general, you will end up disappointed. I feel that we've been lucky here at the HSR. Brian links to us at MGoBlog with some frequency, so we probably get more hits than would be expected for a small Michigan sports blog, and we've been linked on Deadspin a couple of times, but, for the most part, we're just doing this for our own amusement.

That's what makes the sequence of events of December 3 all the more unlikely.

Just as my school day was ending on Monday, December 3, I received a forward from Jeremy with the simple words *jaw on floor*...It turned out that the people from the Heisman Trophy Trust were looking for me. They wanted to talk to me about a piece I had written in October to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Charles Woodson's Heisman Trophy win (and specifically the interception against Michigan State). They wanted to use it in the Heisman Journal, essentially the program given out at the Heisman Trophy Awards dinner the Monday following the presentation of the Trophy itself. Naturally, I said yes, as I was thrilled. They offered me a ticket to the dinner (which I had to decline due to the logistical difficulties of trying to get me to New York in less than a week and the horror of me in a tuxedo.) and they also sent me a bag's worth of Heisman Swag.

So, what did I get...Well...

But, from left to right, we have the Heisman Journal (where the article was published), the Heisman hat, a Heisman Trophy trivia book, a Heisman mini-football, and a Heisman Trophy mini-helmet.

(Not pictured, in part because I couldn't get it into the photo, is the Heisman mini-backpack.)

Now, not only did I get all of this, but each of the things you see there, I got multiple instances of. So not only did the Heisman Trophy people send me great stuff, they sent me a ton of great stuff. So, to everyone at the Heisman Trust, thank you for your generosity and for honoring me in a way that I could have never possibly imagined. To Charles Woodson, thank you for continuing to pay dividends ten years after the fact. To Geoff and Jeremy, thanks for having me as a part of this crazy thing. It's just a heck of a thing.


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What does the page with the printed post look like?

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Congratulations! Yet another reason why people should read the Hoover Street Rag.

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agreed. congrats are due.